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Established 2006 in Cockermouth and covering all of Cumbria

Providing first aid training for all

First Aid Associates is one of the finest providers of a variety of different courses in the field of first aid training. For more details, speak to a member of our team today.

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Complete range of first aid training courses

Whether you're an organisation looking to train your staff, a community group, or an individual wishing to learn new skills, First Aid Associates offers a comprehensive range of first aid courses tailored to suit your requirements, and all at competitive prices. We offer discounts for group bookings (minimum of 4 people), and we are multi-award winning first aid training providers.


Being an accredited company of the Quality Guild and an approved Training Centre of Qualsafe Awards, we ensure training is delivered to the highest of standards. Check out our courses using the links below or contact us today if you have any questions or would like to speak to us directly. Based in Cockermouth, we offer our wide range of first aid courses in Cumbria and across the UK.

First aid for events across Cumbria

In addition to offering a wide range of first aid training courses for organisations and individuals, at First Aid Associates, in Cockermouth, we also provide first aid for events taking place in Cumbria. Call us today on 01900 827 506 to find out more or why not take a look at our Facebook page?

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Guidance to first aiders for adult CPR

Check for responsiveness by shouting and shaking. Look, listen, and feel for normal breathing.

Early defibrillation is required, so don't delay in calling the emergency services, or using one if it is available.

If the First Aider has access to gloves, then these should be donned before starting CPR.  Either a pocket mask or face shield should ideally be used when giving rescue breaths.  However, compression only CPR is still helping the patient until the ambulance arrives.

After providing CPR the First Aider should, as soon as possible, correctly dispose of PPE., wash their hands with soap and water.

Guidance to first aiders for child CPR

Following on from Adult CPR, the modification for child is:

5 rescue breaths first, then 30 compressions to 2 rescue breaths thereafter.

As a cardiac arrest in children is more likely to be caused by a respiratory problem it is vital that rescue breaths are given during CPR

"I have learned the correct techniques within first aid. I found the course very helpful to me."

Tracey, Penrith

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CPR Guidance

Get in touch with First Aid Associates to discuss first aid training now

If you wish to find out more details about our wide variety of first aid training courses or the type of events we provide first aid cover for, get in touch with the professional team at First Aid Associates to discuss your specific requirements.

Call 01900 827506 or 07703 300407

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